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The Source for Marine Propeller Tools, Hardware and Accessories Since 1938

The home of precision made propeller repair tools and accessories since 1938. By blending the latest technologies with traditional hand workmanship we bring a full line of 
repair tools into the next century.

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Order 25 - 49 skegs and/or cavitation plates, and receive
a 20% discount.  Order 50 or more and receive a 30% discount! 

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Prop Tips

Are you interested in the techniques and procedures necessary to repair propellers?  Select a topic below.

Setup, training and support of propeller repair facilities worldwide

Factory authorized distributor of 3M and Standard Abrasives.   We stock a large inventory of abrasive belts, discs and pads.

Pitch Block Application


News Update

Rundquist measures its growth and advancement in the industry in part by the continuing educational hours we invest in ourselves every year.  If we stop learning we fail to provide you, our customers, the service you expect and we demand.   Our customers deserve the most cutting edge equipment offered and available in the world today. Having an educated customer and taking the time to provide an educational climate has been our driving force since 1938.  

As part of our commitment to excellence Rundquist Propeller Tools would like to affirm our stand in favor of adoption of ISO 484/2 standards related to propeller repair and dynamic balancing (ISO 484/2 and ISO 1940 G2.5) for the propeller repair industry.  

We feel our customers should be educated in ISO standards and what they are receiving in the end for their money. Before work begins our customers will be made aware of the technical aspects of their repair. This includes consideration of static balancing, dynamic balancing, and measurement at the number of radii required to achieve the ISO class desired.

Mussel Buster Prop Coating is an environmentally friendly and very effective way to keep your boat’s propellers in “Ready to Run” condition.

  • Cleaning is reduced to minor maintenance, fights organism growth
  • So smooth it will lower engine loads and increase fuel efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly - No TBT, phosphoric acid, copper of any variety, or volatile organic compounds
  • Lasts 2 - 3 Years!
Introducing the first scan assist station
Rundquist propeller Tools RunStation

Rundquist Propeller Tools is proud to present the first effective single station for the repair and scanning of propellers.  When repairing and scanning a propeller the agonizing task of moving the propeller on and off the table can become at the least annoying.  With the RunStation your propeller never has to come off the table until the job is finished.  

Read more here
Run Station 

Dyna-Bal Dynamic Balancing

Rundquist Propeller Tools has teamed with Dyna-Bal to provide state of the art dynamic balancing machines to the marine industry. We are the exclusive world wide marine distributor for Dyna-Bal.

Dyna-Bal Floor Model machines are designed for rugged use, yet are super-sensitive, easy and simple to operate.

Read more about balancing tools here.

Propeller Scanning
Electronic 3-D Propeller Analysis with MRI (Measurement Recording Instrument)

As the leading manufacturer of a complete line of repair tools, Rundquist Propeller also strides to be the most advanced propeller repair facility in the industry. Every tool adds to the quality of a shop. The addition of a Hale MRI propeller scanning system to our own repair facility adds to our customer’s peace of mind that they have chosen the right company. The MRI scanning system enables us to provide our customers with an inspection report before and after the work is preformed. It allows boat owners to obtain ever ounce of performance and efficiency from the manufactures design. Our goal is to always provide our customers with the maximum efficiency obtainable from their vessel.

Hale MRI literature sheet

Hale Propeller MRI work station arm video

The MRI Provides:
  • Precise measurement and reporting of Pitch, Rake, Track, Spacing, Geometry, and Camber of any propeller.
  • Comparison of one propeller to another (right to left or two of the same rotation), enabling exact match of a set.
  • An inspection and repair with the MRI creates a detailed report of propeller condition. The MRI provides information from which the Rundquist Propeller and customer can address performance issues.
  • Properly restored or corrected propellers can synchronize propeller loading, improve speed and fuel economy, and minimize vibration and noise.

Border Pro

The RPT Border Pro enables technicians to safely place borders on any propeller. This tool replaces the traditional hand sanding, avoiding unnecessary cuts and taking less than half the time.


  Michigan propellers

The National Marine Propeller AssociationRundquist Propeller is certified by the National Marine Propeller Association (NMPA) for repair of aluminum, stainless, and inboard propellers.

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