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Naples Propellers provides full service repair to individual boat owners and marinas, including welding and diver service when needed, to return propellers back to their original condition.

Our experienced welders have the ability to repair aluminum, brass, NiBrAl and all types of stainless propellers to meet all boating needs.

Providing 24-hour on-call service for emergency repair when you need it most.

As a division or Rundquist Propeller Tools, we not only have the skills necessary to use the specialized repair and balancing tools, we build them..!


Propeller repair is a process requiring expert skill and the right repair tools. Consider these two factors before getting your propeller repaired.  We are certified by the National Marine Propeller Association (NMPA) for repair of aluminum, stainless, and inboard propellers.

Restore propellers to their original pitch and rake, or change them for enhanced performance.

Add or change the cup of your propeller to match your boats needs and improve traction and efficiency.

Restore the sheen and gloss to your propeller with our polishing service.

Precision Balancing
Nothing is more important than a precision balanced propeller. Our experienced technicians use specialized precision equipment to insure the job is done right every time.

Hub Replacement
Spun hubs can be repairs with a replacement hub with ease, getting you back in the water quickly.

Specializing in propeller repair for prop shops.

Propeller Scanning
Electronic 3-D Propeller Analysis with Hale MRI (Measurement Recording Instrument)

As the leading manufacturer of a complete line of repair tools, Rundquist Propeller also strides to be the most advanced propeller repair facility in the industry. Every tool adds to the quality of a shop. The addition of a Hale MRI propeller scanning system to our own repair facility adds to our customerís peace of mind that they have chosen the right company. The MRI scanning system enables us to provide our customers with an inspection report before and after the work is preformed. It allows boat owners to obtain ever ounce of performance and efficiency from the manufactures design. Our goal is to always provide our customers with the maximum efficiency obtainable from their vessel.
The MRI Provides:
  • Precise measurement and reporting of Pitch, Rake, Track, Spacing, Geometry, and Camber of any propeller.
  • Comparison of one propeller to another (right to left or two of the same rotation), enabling exact match of a set.
  • An inspection and repair with the MRI creates a detailed report of propeller condition. The MRI provides information from which the Rundquist Propeller and customer can address performance issues.
  • Properly restored or corrected propellers can synchronize propeller loading, improve speed and fuel economy, and minimize vibration and noise.

All Types of Boat Owners

Whether you are a pleasure boat enthusiast, sports fisherman, own a charter or working boat, or you are a the demanding performance user, you can depend on Naples Propellers to provide you with the right propeller and meet you most demanding repair needs.
There when you need us, providing marinas with round-the-clock on call service to meet their clients emergency needs.
New propeller sales of all types to meet every boating need from standard, high-performance, and custom: brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and NiBrAl.


Propeller Sales
Whether you ski, fish, race or just like to cruise, the right propeller can have a dramatic effect on peak performance and acceleration, handling, and fuel economy.  
Naples Propellers is your source for the propeller that is right for your boat and the way you use it.
Wholesale and retail propeller sales.



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