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Whether you ski, fish, race or just like to cruise, the right propeller can have a dramatic effect on peak performance and acceleration, handling, and fuel economy.  
Naples Propellers is your source for the propeller that is right for your boat and the way you use it.

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Choosing the Right Propeller

To ensure safe operation and efficient performance, it is critical that your engine operates within the RPM range recommended by the manufacturer. Matching the right prop for the load is the most significant factor of RPM adjustment.

Rundquist Propeller offers expert technical assistance. Please contact us for assistance.

1. Propeller Diameter and Pitch
It is important that you know the size of your propeller. If you don't know this, you have a couple of ways to determine it's size.

a. Look at the inside of the hub of the propeller for either a serial number or the propeller size stamped into the hub. Propeller size is shown as Diameter x Pitch (ie: 14x19 - 14 is the diameter, 19 is the pitch.)

If your propeller has absolutely no markings, it may be worthwhile to take your propeller to a propeller shop and have them measure the size. While you are able to measure diameter, the pitch is the most crucial piece of information.

2. Determine Manufacturers Recommended RPM
Find the manufacturer's recommended RPM range in the owner's manual or ask your dealer.

3. Test for Maximum RPM
Using the existing propeller or a new propeller, make test runs to determine the maximum RPM and boat speed. This is known as "wide open throttle" (WOT). Vary the trim angle for optimum performance.

4. RPM's Higher Than Recommended
If the actual WOT RPM's are above the recommended RPM range, install the next larger pitch propeller to decrease your WOT RPM's. Re-test the WOT RPM.

5. RPM's Lower Than Recommended
If the actual WOT RPM range is below the recommended range, install the next smaller pitch propeller to increase your WOT RPM's. Re-test the WOT RPM.

Effect of pitch on RPM
A pitch change can increase or decrease the RPM's and bring them into the recommended range. A 2" increase in pitch (for example, from 21" to 23") typically results in a decrease of approximately 200-400 RPM's.


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