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PROP TIPS - Propeller Repair
CUPPING made a littler easier...

We are often asked, "How can I easily cup a propeller?" At Rundquist the system we use to cup is quick and simple.

Take your 7/8" mandrel and drill the top to accept a 1/2" linear indicator shaft. After you work the propeller to the proper pitch, flip the propeller over and tighten it back down on the mandrel so that the propeller is held firm.

Heating, cupping and gauging the propeller can then be preformed at the same workstation.

Heat the propeller first, never going above 1700 degrees F.

Then begin cupping the propeller by using a #4 and #3 copper hammer. The #4 hammer is used as a backup. We also grind different cup profiles in the #4 copper faces for this application. The #3 hammer is used to work the propeller.

You can gauge the propeller at the same time by inserting the 1/2-in. linear shaft into the 7/8-in. mandrel and sliding the pitch arm down the linear shaft.


By using this technique you can work and gauge your propeller at the same time and at the same station.

Also see our Customizing and Cupping Die

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