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Pitch Blocks, Bases and Mandrels
For Propellers Up to 42 inches Diameter 

All pitch blocks are not created equal!  Rundquist Propeller manufactures blocks and bases that allow for easy pitch and rake angle adjustments: up to an additional 10 degrees of rake and one inch of pitch.

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Standard Pitch Blocks  090 - 400 Series - Machine faced, extraordinary dimensional accuracy: + or - .015 inches

#100 Series 
Basic assembly for propeller repair consists of a pitch block and mandrel mounted on a slotted base. Shown here is the 100 Series block and " mandrel on a #100 Series base. This unit can accommodate propellers up to 17" diameter.

100 Series Pitch Block and base

This is the same assembly, with the propeller mounted in reconditioning position. In many cases, the same base can accommodate several size blocks, reducing the users inventory needs.

pb7.jpg (17938 bytes)
#150 Series
Propellers up to and including 22" diameter can be reconditioned on the 150 Series pitch block and base.

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150 Series Pitch Block and Base

Impeller Pitch Block
and Base

Impellor block.jpg (13460 bytes)

#400 Series
This block and base is designed specifically for marine propeller repair stations serving the larger boats in freshwater and saltwater operations.

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400 Series Base and Pitch Block



#090 Series Un-faced Pitch Blocks
These blocks are designed to allow the "advanced" repair mechanic to perform standard or non-standard repair variations at an affordable price.  We are currently offering Mercury's 21 & 23 Revolution series and will be adding other blocks 090 - 400 series.  Tolerances of the blocks are + or - .030 inches.

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Unfaced Pitch Blocks


Pitch Block for Personal WaterCraft Impellers

These blocks are machined with very strict tolerances and are considered a high performance block. Blocks are available for Tiger Shark, Solas, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Sea Doo and Palaris.

Pitch block for personal water craft (PWC) impellers

Adapter Shim (click for a larger image) Adapter Shim
This adapter reduces the limitations of the "three-hole" style pitch block manufactured by Mercury and others. The adapter shim bolts directly to "three-hole" style blocks as well as Rundquist 90 and 100 series pitch blocks.  Its slotted design allows for pitch adjustment by permitting the pitch block to move toward or away from the mandrel. Rake adjustment can also be facilitated.  The adapter shim will also allow Rundquist blocks to be bolted to a Mercury system base without loosing rake angle adjustment.

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