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Propeller repair fixtures


Static Balancer

Stuhr Static Balancers

Stuhr Balancer

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Stuhr Balancer

Propeller performance is seriously hampered by excessive vibration when the prop is out of balance, particularly at high speeds. These sensitive balancing fixtures are designed for propellers up to 24" and 36" diameter. 

View procedures for balancing propellers here. 


Tracking Fixture   
This fixture is very useful in determining propeller tracking and
is designed to handle props up to 18" in diameter.  The fixture
also serves as an excellent gauging station allowing examination
at one location.

Propeller repair tracking fixture

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Air Operated Welding Fixture

This versatile and extremely practical product holds the work at any desired angle for the most convenient welding. Helpful in making fast work piece adjustments.

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The welding fixture in use.


Inboard Operation Fixture
This fixture aids in grinding and welding your larger inboard propellers but will also work with smaller props as well. This fixture maintains any angle the technician needs for welding and grinding operations. Allowing one technician to handle the propeller safely, while also moving from station to station.

View more photos of the Inboard Operation Fixture in use.
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Inboard Operation Fixture 
Lower Unit Holder  Lower Unit Attachment

The lower unit holder attachment bolts to the back of your Inboard operating fixture.  This fixture allows the technician to rotate the lower unit in any position he needs. Its original design was to help aid in maneuvering the lower unit while repairing the skeg.  Technicians now use it for other general repairs.

View more photos of the Lower Unit Attachment in use. 
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