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Welding Propellers

1. Equipment required

A. Tig Welder - AC/DC Hi Frequency with foot control

2. Welding Rods - Aluminum Props

A. 4043 - 3/32 " x 36", 1/8" x 36"

B. 5356 - 3/32" x 36", 1/8" x 36"

C. 4l45 Alltigweld - 3/32" x 36", 1/8" x 36"

Each of these aluminum rods work quite well on aluminum propellers. However, the 4145 Alltigweld is a better metallurgical match to cast aluminum and welds much faster with little or no perosity.

3. Bronze Propellers

A. Silicon Bronze rod - use for bronze props with a red or dark color.

4. Nibral Propellers - Nickel bronze aluminum alloy. This is the most common alloy used for bronze propellers.

A. UTP/A34N - 3/32" x 36, 1/8"" x 36"

B. Ampcotrode #10 - 3/32" x 36, 1/8" x 36

UTP/A34N also welds very well on large diameter manganese bronze props.

5. Stainless Steel Propellers

A. 308 S/S - used on OMC SST props

B. 17-4PH (ER630) - used on Mercury, Michigan Wheel, Turbo and hi performance propellers.

C. 410 S/S used on OMC Raker, Viper and Shooter propellers.

6. Adjustable Welding Fixture and Copper Blade Templates

The welding fixture is used to hold the prop at the desired angle. The correct copper template for the propeller blade is clamped to the pushing face of the propeller. Weld directly against the copper template. The weld will follow the correct pitch, rake and blade configuration. When you are finished welding the damaged areas, turn the propeller over and weld over any voids on the pushing face.

Keep the welds approximately 1/8" thicker than the prop itself. This allows the impurities in the propeller casting to float to the surface of the weld. After grinding the weld down there should be little or no porosity along the weld line.

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