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Rundquist Propeller Tools, Inc.

An Introduction to Propeller Repair

Since 1938 Rundquist Propeller has worked closely with propeller manufacturers and propeller repair shops in designing and supplying the tooling necessary to repair damaged marine propellers. The explosive growth of the boating industry, particularly in privately owned pleasure craft, has been matched by an equally lively program of product improvement and innovation.  Propellers are no exception. In the ongoing search for more power, speed and fuel efficiency, major advances have been made by propeller manufacturers.  The problem: When these propellers are damaged, how can they be restored to their original quality and efficiency?

The Answer: Rundquist Propeller Tools.

Propellers should be rebuilt as close to OEM standards as possible, to maintain the performance and efficiency of a boat. Most propellers can be repaired quite a few times before a person needs to purchase a new propeller. A propeller can be modified to obtain maximum performance from a given motor.

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 Rundquist Propeller offers "hands on" propeller repair training classes.

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