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Open a Propeller Repair Facility

How we can help...

The explosive growth of the boating market, particularly in privately owned pleasure craft, has been matched by an equally lively program of product improvement and innovation. Propellers are no exception. In the ongoing search for more power, speed and fuel efficiency, major advances have been made by the manufacturers of such marine propellers as Mercury MercCruiser®, Lazer™, Black Max™, Choppers™, progressive, cleavers; Michigan Equi-Poise™, Edge™, Super™; OMC Raker™; OJ Ski™; Precision Turbo™ and other leading names.

The problem: When these fine products are damaged, how can they be restored to their original quality and efficiency?? The solution: Rundquist Propeller.

For half a century, we have been working closely with manufacturers and repair shops in designing and supplying the tools needed to repair bent or broken blades and spun hubs. The products we manufacture are pitch blocks, balancers, gauges and hub insertion equipment. The only other equipment needed to operate an efficient and profitable propeller repair shop are a heli arc welder, grinding discs, belt sanders and a 10-ton hydraulic press for rehubbing.

The purpose of opening a propeller repair facility is to offer a service to area Boat Dealers, Marina's and the boating public. Propeller repair stations repair or modify propellers to obtain maximum efficiency from a boat motor.

In addition to repairing propellers, most shops repair or replace lower unit skegs and cavitation plates.

Retail sales are a very important part of the propeller repair business. A propeller damaged too badly for repair, needs to be replaced. Propeller manufacturers or their distributors offer discounts on new propellers. Propeller shops can purchase propellers at 40 to 50% below list price.

There are several ways to operate a propeller repair shop.  All have proven successful.

  1. Establish a route of Marina's and Dealers. Pick up damaged propellers once a week, and return after repair, the following week.
  2. Have the Marina's and Dealers in suburban areas send the propellers via United Parcel Service for repair.
  3. Deal direct with the boating public (walk in trade).
  4. A combination of all of the above to offer the best service to an area.

In addition to standard repair, repair shops offer:

  • Re-hubbing
  • Re-pitching
  • Cupping
  • Balancing
  • Blade Thinning
  • Progressive Pitching
  • Polishing for Stainless Steel or Bronze
  • Glass Beading
  • General Tig Welding

How we can help..

Rundquist offers products, training and support:

  • We carry a full line of quality propeller repair products
  • PROPELLER REPAIR - for propeller shops
  • We provide propeller and impeller repair training classes
  • Rundquist offers commercial financing for both U.S. and foreign customers of up to 180 days.  Contact Rundquist for details and restrictions.

Complete our on-line information request form if you would to receive a propeller shop set up recommendation.

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