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Rundquist Propeller Tools, Inc.

We would be pleased to offer a written recommendation to set up a propeller 
repair shop for specific area and needs.  We will need the following information 
in order to provide an accurate recommendation.

What is the maximum diameter of propellers
you wish to work on?
What brands of propellers will you be repairing?
What is the rotation of the propellers. Right Left
What types of propellers? Aluminum Stainless Bronze
Will you be repairing inboard and/or outboards? Inboards Outboards  
What is the horsepower range?
What is the pitch range of the propellers you will be repairing?
Will hub repair be a service you would like to offer? Yes No
How many workstations would you like to set up 
in your shop?

Enter any additional comments in the space below:

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