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Propeller Repair Training Classes

What is covered during training

Scheduling Classes

Rundquist Propeller offers hands on training classes for all types of propeller and impeller repairs. Classes are offered at our facility year round, Monday through Saturday.

What is covered during training?

  • Introduction to Propeller Repair
  • Propeller Terms
    • Discussed throughout training
  • Checking Pitch and Rake
    • About parabolic rake
  • Hub Inspection
    • Checking proper bore
    • Choosing the correct hub
    • Setup procedures - choosing the correct insertion tools
    • Hub installation
  • Straightening the Propeller
    • Use of heat
    • Aluminum, stainless and bronze
  • Changing Pitch
    • Progressive pitch
    • Formula used
  • Welding Propellers
    • Equipment required
    • Recommended welding rod
    • Welding fixture
  • Preparation Prior to Welding
    • Aluminum
    • Stainless steel
    • Bronze - Nibral
  • Welding Procedure
    • Aluminum
    • Stainless steel
    • Bronze - Nibral
  • Grinding and Finishing Propellers
  • Balancing Propellers
    • Equipment Necessary
    • Procedures

Scheduling Training

Our training is conducted on a "one on one" basis.  Therefore scheduling one to two weeks prior to a desired class date is advised.  

Contact Rundquist for more detailed information or to schedule a class!

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